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Who Are We?

Meet Our Staff


Celisa Ellis, LMT, CMTPT, CST,  FSM Practitioner 

Originally from Hawaii, Celisa moved to California in her twenties and pursued her life’s work, massage therapy. She graduated from The National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California and has taken several continuing education courses including Myo Pain’s Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy Curriculum.

She has gained a reputation for being able to identify muscular pain and assisting with the relief process through Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & self-care training among other modalities. She has a strong desire to help those who are experiencing acute and chronic pain.

Her true passion is to educate others as to how they can live without pain by utilizing therapeutic massage and self-care techniques to stay out of pain.


Carla Scarbrough, CPC, Practice Adminstrator 

Carla was born in New York City but was raised in Smyrna TN. She is a country girl at heart and does not claim her northern roots. After graduating from high school, Carla began her career with UFW Insurance Fund, she was a claims examiner/auditor. In 2001, Carla left UFW Insurance and went to work for a Medical Billing Company. She loved the thrill of disagreeing with the insurance company to help get claims paid for patient and physicians. In 2004, she ventured out and opened her own Medical Billing and Practice Management company, which she still owns. In 2006, Carla became a certified professional coder through the AAPC.

In 2011, she partnered with one of her medical billing clients to form a multi-modality pain management facility chain which Carla managed while still running her Medical Billing Company. However, she loathed the fact so many of the patients were only being given prescriptions to mask their pain instead of receiving insight and holistic approach to help alleviate or eliminate the patients’ pain.  She felt like there had to be a better way to help people recover. In 2014, she met Celisa Ellis with ProMassage Health Solutions.

When Carla met Celisa, it was very apparent they shared the same vision for helping people with their pain.  Celisa was the practitioner helping the patients and Carla was the practice administrator helping to grow the business into what Celisa had envisioned for years.

Carla loves her role with ProMassage & Chiropractic Integrative Wellness Center. Most days, she is in her office in the back working on marketing, payroll and all the other things that keep the business running so everyone else can continue to help our patients each and every day.

Dr. Buzz headshot.jpeg

Dr. Marshall Buzz Hull D.C.

Dr. Buzz Hull graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas in 2021. Since then he has been serving the Nashville community as a chiropractor, promoting health and wellness by treating a wide range of patients.


Dr. Buzz's passion is helping others achieve their health goals by maximizing the connection between the brain and body through a well-adjusted spine. He has consistently demonstrated first-hand how regular chiropractic adjustments not only help to prevent pain and injury but also serve to promote optimal health and wellness. During his free time Dr. Buzz enjoys working out, playing volleyball, playing video games, and spending time with his family.


Dr. Buzz is proud to represent Pro Massage & Chiropractic in its commitment to provide quality chiropractic care at an affordable price. Because of its amazing health benefits, Dr. Buzz believes that everyone should have access to and utilize chiropractic care.


Dr. Buzz Hull, D.C., was born and raised in Ohio, and later moved to Dallas, where he attended Parker University to obtain his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Through his professional journey, Dr. Buzz has learned to serve all types of people from babies to grandparent and a range of cases, including migraine relief, sciatica pain, neck pain, and lower back pain through the use of manual manipulation.


Jessica Arrington, LMT

Jessica was born and raised in Joelton, TN. She recently moved to Cottontown with her animals, husband and three children. She grew up loving the outdoors and often participated in activities such as camping and horseback riding. After a bad accident she went to a chiropractor and started to learn the importance of self care. She considers herself to be a caregiver at heart, and has always been in tune with peoples needs. When her factory job began letting people go she took a voluntary lay off to follow her true passion and go to massage school. After completing school and beginning her career, she could not imagine doing anything else. Massage comes natural to her and she loves her job so much that it never feels like "work" to her. She is excited to continue learning and growing to better help her patients here at ProMassage.


Sterling Allison, Lead Therapist, MTPT, LMT, CST,
FSM Practitioner

Sterling grew up in a dual military family in which his father also taught martial arts in his own studio. He learned martial arts and self defense from a young age. He decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and join the military when he turned 17. During his 11 years of service in the Army, he received further training in self-defense as well as improved his ability to better communicate with others. These skills help him to best understand and set goals for his clients.


He studied massage therapy at Mind Body Institute in Nashville, TN.  A trade he has always been passionate about. He wishes to use his knowledge and natural talents in accomplishing several goals such as: helping to heal others, teaching others abilities to become more confident in their surroundings, improve range of motion and the overall improvement of quality of life.


Karisse Olson, LMT

Originally hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Karisse has always been passionate about moving her body and learning how it works. After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology, she studied massage and obtained her license to practice in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2017. She has furthered her knowledge by earning her certificate in Thai Massage through Living Sabai and has been providing the Nashville community with both table and Thai massage since 2019. Karisse provides a tranquil and rejuvenating session; blending elements of breathwork, heat therapy, and Thai-inspired movement. Karisse uses her energetic nature to provide you with an effortless experience. A lover of staying active, Karisse understands the practical relationship between your muscles and every day movement. She brings needed relief to your body and uses massage to intentionally guide you inward, connecting you with yourself. Don't be surprised if she sends you home with homework! Karisse values the importance of self-care, stretching, and strengthening the muscles to condition optimal movement.

Victoria Head Shot.jpg

Victoria Dolanch, Clinic Manager

Victoria grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with her parents, brother, and grandparents. Her grandpa was a biologist at the time, and would spend hours teaching her about anatomy and biology. This sparked her interest in science from a young age, and planted the seed for greater aspirations to work in the medical field. After obtaining some experience working in regular medical clinics, she saw that there was something missing. She found the patients were being treated for the symptoms of their diagnoses, but they were not treating or explaining the root cause of the problem.


This is when she developed a passion for chiropractic, functional medicine, and integrative wellness. Working with patients on how to treat the root cause of the problem rather than treating only the symptoms, has allowed her to see life changing results for patients first-hand, which has been a dream come true for her. Victoria is grateful to be able to do what she loves, at a place she loves even more. 

ivonne headshot.JPG

Ivonne Sanchez, Front Desk

Ivonne was born in Brownsville, TX.  She grew up speaking Spanish only at home and learning English in the school system.  Currently she lives in Goodlettsville, TN with her daughter.  She and her daughter have had jobs with long hours where they were on their feet and lifting heavy objects.  This caused both of them to experience extreme back pain.  Growing up in a conservative home she did not want to take any medication for this pain.  She starting researching other options for their pain.  She decided to try chiropractic care. After going to the chiropractor she and her daughter felt much better.  This was the beginning of her love for holistic health care.

When a friend told her about the position here at Promassage & Chiropractic, she was super excited about the prospect of working for a place that offers the type of healthcare that helped her and her daughter out of pain.

She is excited to use her knowledge and bilingual skills to help others find relief by using the different holistic services offered at Promassage & Chiropractic. 

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