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When you work with us you are no longer alone.  You no longer have a provider simply asking where is the pain you are experiencing, and not looking for the underlying conditions.  We will not suggest new medication for your ailments, nor will we tell you to learn to live with it.


Your body is designed to be healthy. If it isn’t, something is wrong. 

Together, we investigate to find and address the underlying cause of your illness/pain rather than just suppressing the symptoms. 


FSM Initial Intake & Evaluation: $210 – 2.5 hours

Our evaluation process consists of many different strategies to find the “Why”.


As we treat symptoms, we also seek the underlying cause. Our bodies are complex; a one size fits all model of defense does not work in each individual person. We figure out what your unique body requires to be well and thrive.  We work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan.  Our strategy is thorough in that we take into consideration the physical, the structural, and the emotional body. The solution can be simple (once we find it) or quite complex. All healing depends on the willingness of the whole body to cooperate; if you are willing, we can help.

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