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Thieves: It's Wonderful Benefits

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Let me share with you the secrets of an oil that makes the room smell like Christmas and helps your body feel like 100 bucks.

Thieves essential oil is a combination of multiple essential oils. There can be different variations of this combination when it comes to different brands but, the most common will be: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Each of these oils are highly beneficial on their own too!

Clove: Made from the undeveloped buds of the flowers found on the Eugenia caryophyllata species of clove tree. It is best known as a sweet and aromatic spice. It has also been used in traditional medicine. In fact, studies have found the compounds in cloves may have several health benefits. A few are: fighting stress, improving respiratory conditions, and it relieves joint pain!

Cinnamon: Made from the bark, leaves, or twigs of several species of cinnamon tree. This oil contains a number of compounds thought to influence health. These compounds include: cinnamaldehyde, which has been found to reduce inflammation and act as an antimicrobial (a substance that destroys or suppresses the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi).

Eucalyptus: Obtained from the leaves of Eucalyptus plants, which are native to Australia. The Australian aborigines used eucalyptus leaves to treat wounds and prevent infection because the oil helps to reduce pain and inflammation associated with many conditions. It may also be helpful to people experiencing back pain or those recovering from a joint or muscle injury.

Lemon: Extracted from the rinds of the lemon fruit, Citrus limon. Though originally it is believed they were grown decoratively, with the fruits never being harvested, eventually it was discovered that the fruit and the peel (from which the essential oil is extracted) had incredible health benefits. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that can be soothing to the cells in the body.

Rosemary: Derived from the herb rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis. If you are struggling with severe joint pains and sprain, trust rosemary oil's anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic properties to come to your immediate aid. Research suggests breathing rosemary may improve brain function, ease stress, aid in blood circulation which promotes healing!

The thick spice of clove and immediately recognizable scent of cinnamon catches you first. Throwing in the woody evergreen scent of rosemary, that feeling of Christmas being around the corner brightens any space. Blending with its light and airy lemon and refreshing eucalyptus, this oil has a fragrance that just keeps giving! So don’t let aches and pains steal your health! Thieves oil helps you keep your best self-going by supporting your immune system, muscle health, and joint pain!

Please note essential oils are readily absorbed into your bloodstream when you apply them to your skin. That is why their benefits are so helpful. It is generally advised to dilute essential oils with a neutral carrier oil, such as jojoba oil. This helps prevent potential irritation of your skin and premature evaporation of the oil. Personally, I love the diffusion of oils as its effect is broader.

Happy Oiling!! By Hannah Scalf

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