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Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Full Body Assessment  $210.00 / 2 hour session

A 2 Hour session designed to determine the source and treatment for acute, chronic, or recurring pain throughout the body. Treatment includes a full body Postural Assessment, Range of Motion Evaluation to determine muscle pain and restricted movement, myofascial trigger point therapy, and detailed Self Care Training to increase bodily awareness and learn tips to keep pain at bay.

Myofascial Pain Focused Evaluation $165.00 / 90 minute session

This evaluation is for the specific area of the body that is hurt or injured. Treatment includes Range of Motion testing , postural assessment for the affected areas, myofascial trigger point therapy and self-care training.


Myofascial Trigger Point Massage

60 Minute Myofascial Massage / $90.00

  90 Minute Myofascial Massage / $ 125.00





Our Free Style Massage can include any of the following types of massage: Sports Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Swedish Massage,  and Deep Tissue Massage.  It does not include Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  After speaking with your therapist, you can decide which techniques are best suited for your massage session.


Massage at Our Office

  60 Minute Freestyle   / $90.00    

90 Minute Freestyle   / $125.00

Two Hour Freestyle   / $160.00

Massage at your Home, Office or Hotel

 60 Minute Freestyle   / $130.00   

90 Minute Freestyle   / $170.00 

Two Hour Freestyle   / $210.00

60 Minute Couples    / $210.00

 90 Minute Couples    / $270.00






Initial Exam & Treatment (includes x-rays)  / $99.00

Adjustment  / $60.00

Nutrition Counseling / $35.00 per session

Rehabilitation Therapy / $35.00 per session

Infrared Light Therapy / $40.00




  Initial Evaluation & Treatment $210.00 / 2.5 hour session

Our evaluation process consists of many different strategies to find the “Why”.


As we treat symptoms, we also seek the underlying cause. Our bodies are complex; a one size fits all model of defense does not work in each individual person. We figure out what your unique body requires to be well and thrive.  We work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan.  Our strategy is thorough in that we take into consideration the physical, the structural, and the emotional body. The solution can be simple (once we find it) or quite complex. All healing depends on the willingness of the whole body to cooperate; if you are willing, we can help.

FSM Lymphatic Treatment Approx. 1 Hour    $75.00

FSM Unattended 31-60 Minutes                    $100.00

  FSM Unattended 61-90 Minutes                    $125.00

FSM Unattended each add  Min                      $1.00 

FSM added to Any Massage                          $40.00

 FSM Attended 31-60 Minutes                        $105.00

 FSM Attended 61-90 Minutes                        $135.00

  FSM   attended each add  Min                        $2.00    

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